Still Birthday Birth Doula and Bereavement Doula

Birth Doula services & Postpartum Doula services

Birth Doula services & Postpartum Doula services

Birth Doula services & Postpartum Doula services

Shakari Lockett is a Certified Still birthday Birth Doula and Bereavement Doula. She has also completed training with/in the following CAPPA, DONA, Rebozo trained, Vaginal steam facilitator& Postpartum herbal food prep. She supports families in every stage of Pregnancy. As your Postpartum Doula she will provide physical and emotional support.

Big News!

Birth Doula services & Postpartum Doula services

Birth Doula services & Postpartum Doula services

Now offering Mobile Vaginal Steam services. This can be added to your Postpartum Doula services 


Shakari Lockett

I am a Full spectrum Doula. I support families before, during and after birth. My goal is to educate and support families as they take on this new chapter in their lives with evidence based information, physical and mental support, 24 hour text support, labor support, postpartum support,  meal prep, and light house work. 



Shae absolutely AMAZING!!! She came and worked her Doula magic on me after being in labor for forever it seemed and I swear if it wasn’t for her I would’ve been in labor way longer. She’s the sweetest and will support you 1000000000% during your entire pregnancy, birth and afterwards too! Have Shae as your Doula and I promise you won’t be disappointed!!!

                               ~Pariis White

When it came to my second birth I was scared out of my mind that I wouldn’t have the support before and after birth. Mrs.Lockett came to my rescue. She came all the way from California to Georgia to support me. She started every day off with an hearty meal, lunch && dinner was the same. While I was pregnant I was so exhausted. I had no energy at all. My doula told me not to worry. She made me trail mix to help give me energy.  Some mornings where I slept in she would bring me breakfast in bed. Prior to my delivery I was having contractions. She gave me leg  massages through the contractions. The massages was so helpful. She took my mind off the contractions && before I knew it they we gone ! The day before my birth Mrs.Lockett prepared me mentally, spiritually && emotionally for my labor by hosting an mother's blessing.  I went into the hospital with her directly by my side I had no doubt in my heart ❤️ I was beyond prepared for my labor ☺️. After my labor my doula supported my new baby while I rest ❤️ she made sure I was as comfortable as possible. After being discharged I came home to an welcoming southern cooked meal my room was ready for my newborn && myself. I literally came home to an palace. After getting settled in my doula helped me shower && she was so patient with me. Mrs.Lockett stayed with me a month. She made sure I was mentally &&; emotionally stable before she left my side . Mrs.Lockett wasn’t there only for me, but for my family as well, she cooked us breakfast, lunch &&; dinner daily with snacks in between. When Mrs.Lockett left me I was nothing, but satisfied to have such an wonderful person by my side through my birth journey ❤️

~Shandi Caldwell